About FIT Crew Houston

FIT Crew Houston is reshaping the status quo of fitness training.

We incorporate the principles of circuit training, high-intensity interval training, weight-lifting, and traditional sports conditioning into every workout. We have developed the most efficient, challenging, results-based fitness program in Houston. Our training classes are designed for the individual looking for an intensive, jump-start back into fitness. Athletic training classes are for the more experienced athlete looking to take their training to the next level. Both classes are limited in size, which increases personal attention by the trainer for each athlete. We offer all of the benefits of personal training at less than half the cost. By working out one-on-one with a personal trainer, or with a group of people, you will find yourself motivated to push harder and achieve more than you would on your own.

We are the only training team in the Houston area with over 8 years of experience and results. Our trainers have nationally-accredited group fitness and personal training certifications. They are experienced trainers who regularly attend training seminars and workshops in order to continuously improve upon new methodoligies of fitness and offer you the highest quality of training on the market.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals and have a desire to help you succeed! Make the first step – Try a class for free.

Why do the FIT Crew fitness training?

Our group training classes are the most cost effective way to receive professional training at an affordable price. The group environment is great for accountability, competition, and fun. Not only that, but the American College of Sports Medicine recently released a study declaring group training as the nation’s number one fitness trend!

Got a gym membership?

Perhaps your work out routines have gotten monotonous and overly repetitive, causing your progress to reach a plateau. You are probably thinking that you will have to endure never-ending torture at the gym on the treadmill, bike or elliptical in order to destroy that stubborn layer of body fat and reveal the true potential of your physique. Well, the good news is that you won’t need a gym membership to get in shape.

Ever heard of cross training?

Start following the cross training inspired FIT Crew training programs – a series of high intensity, power-based routines designed to build muscle and eat away at body fat more efficiently than by just doing cardio alone. The FIT Crew work outs will not only help you burn more body fat but will also leave you with a distinctively more refined and athletic physique.

Not sure about your diet or what to eat?

Since 70% of your results are dependent upon nutrition, the FIT Crew is staffed with a certified sports nutritionist to provide you with nutritional guidelines to follow and meal plans scientifically designed to burn fat and promote muscle growth.

our staff

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